July 30 , 2014

It is known that there are some objections from serious Tamil supporters for Lyca"s involvement in Kaththi and the producers have also clarified that they are not anti-Tamil group.

Recently, this issue has came to the limelight again because a student community has issued an opposition statement against the film.

Now the latest buzz is that Lyca"s head is likely to visit top Tamil activists like Vaiko, Nedumaran soon and he will express the real truth on their company"s origin. Some section of Sri Lankan media say that Lyca is a pro LTTE group while some say they are close to Rajapakshe, now with the producer himself visiting Tamil activists a good news on Kaththi will be arrived soon.

After the producers meet up with Tamil activists, Kaththi audio launch will be happening in September and film release is for Diwali.

Article : cinema lead

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