Feb 4 , 2014

He is already trending on twitter most of the times but composer anirudh's social networking popularity hit a whole new high when he posted that he would be working in ARM'S untitled project with Vijay.

It is indeed a massive achievement for someone so young in the field to be handed a film of this scale but then again such has been the kolaveri kid's growth. "it was confirmed that I'd be composing music for Vijay quite some time back when ARM sir called and asked me - it was a great surprise." two things struck me immediately- one I would have to take extra care to make sure the songs were different from those for my earlier films , and two , I had to cater to all vijay fans out there" says Anirudh .

It was wonderful challenge to have and has raised the standards for my work. Work has started and its going along well he adds. and of course the question on everyone's mind -will we get to see Vijay sing his tunes in the film ?" ha ha , well I didn't think abt it initially but we have been getting lot of requests. nothing is finalised yet but it looks like qe will give it to them "anirudh laughs

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