June 22,2011

The one word, which unites millions of hearts, across the world, “ILAYATHALAPATHY VIJAY“. It’s party time for millions of hearts across the globe for one reason. Its ilayathalapathy Vijay’s Birthday. Online Vijay fans and Vijay The Legend Team, wish Ilayathalapathy Vijay many many happy returns of the day and wish him all the luck and success for his future endeavours. Vijay is a man who is not only our favourite actor, but also a real role model for us in life. Vijay has done many great deeds as a human being and this goes to show that he is not only a hero within reel but also within reality. The joy one feels when being associated with Vijay is something really special that others will not be able to understand. Vijay’s career has been a roller coaster ride with many triumphant successful films and also some recent bumps but still the fans support’ is incredible and is always full of love for our star. The young star started of with a film called Nalaya Theerpu and did many romantic films during the early 2000s but none could even imagine that this young star would one day be touted as the next superstar in tamil cinema. Vijay’s last film Kaavalan was not only a tremendous success after many struggles to get it released but it also managed to gain fame and attention at the Shangai International Film Festival. Joseph Vijay.C, Born june 22nd 1974, to S.A.Chandrasekar and Shoba Chandrasekar. A man who is 37 year old but still has the vibrant and energetic appearance of a youth. He has an incredible fan base not only in Tamilnadu , Kerala, Andhra pradesh, Karnataka , Northern region of India , but also in countries across the globe like England, United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland etc . That’s the mass and power of ilayathalapathy . The word Vijay itself means a winner in Sanskrit and that is exactly what Vijay symbolizes in reality.. Apart from being a star in every sense of the word, he is also someone with a tremendous charisma that has the power and ability to attract crores of fans. He is high on the list of dream actors to work with, a man whose passion for cinema translates into a dedicated following and adherence to a role. He is hailed as producers’ actor who always ensures that his producers must be profitable. Despite of being “KING OF KOLLYWOOD” he always underplays himself as being so modest and humble, which is what makes him a great role model. Being his fan is a proud factor, for one strong reason that he loves his fans and treats them like his own family. Vijay is one star who has so much respect and love even for his smallest fan. Cinema is his passion right from his childhood. Most parents never understand their child’s career interest and finally end up in taking up a career decision of parent’s choice. Vijay is no exemption. Initially he faced a war with his family on choosing cinema as a career .We thank GOD almighty on giving Vijay the character of strong determination and clarity in his decision, which in turn is what he is now. Vijay started his film career with “Nalaya theerpu” produced and directed by his dad S.A.Chandrasekar. This marked his debut in film industry. Senthoorapandi is a film which united Vijay and Vijaykanth. Ilayathalapathy’s fifth film might not have created a spark that time, but it is now a deadly combo which whole Tamil cinema is eagerly waiting for. Film’s name is “Rajavin parvayile” It’s the film which combined Vijay – Ajith together. Ilayathalapathy Vijay shone to stardom in the film“poove unakaga” which turned out to be a huge blockbuster in his film career . “Once more “turned out to be one memorable film in Vijay’s career, for the reason that Ilayathalapathy Vijay shared the screen space with Tamil cinema’s legendry Actor Shivaji Ganesan. Movie turned out to be a Boxoffice super hit. Another important important moment in ilayathalapathy’s film career, “Neruku ner”. Vijay gave his college friend Surya sivakumar a big chance in Tamil cinema with this film, which happened to be the debut film for Actor Surya. Fazil’s “Kathaluku mariyathai”(1998) became a blockbuster and a critically acclaimed movie . Vijay became a top hero in Tamil cinema with this movie .This movie explored Vijay’s acting skills and showed him in a new dimension. Vijay found a prominent place in Tamil Cinema with this movie .He also received The Tamilnadu state award as Best Actor. Priyamudan is yet another film which showcased that a protagonist can even have negative shades. Vijay had some negative shades in this film and excelled in performance, With movies like Thullatha manamum thullum , Kushi , Priyamaanavale, Friends, Badri our ilayathalapathy was unstoppable in his career front . No man can face success forever, he will always have his share of downfalls, ilayathalapathy faced his string of failures and came back with a bang in “Thirumalai”. Vijay was seen in an completely new look with near clean shaven features. 2004 is the most glorious year ever in the career of ilayathalapathy , his “Ghilli” was the biggest blockbuster in his film career. It increased Vijay’s status to superstardom .there was no turn back , every movie of Vijay turned out to be huge hits after Ghilli, and he was touted to be one of the most successful heroes. Pokkiri turned out to be yet another feather in ilayathalapathy’s crown of superstardom. Post Pokkiri Vijay’s films such as Azhagiya Tamil Magan, Kuruvi, Villu didn’t do very well at the box office due to the repeated commercial formula style with poor direction and poor stories. But even within those poorly directed films Vijay proved his talent and showed that even with poor directors he can deliver. In between Vettaikaaran was a tremendous box-office successful movie and also marked the debut movie for his son Sanjay (Kutti thalapathy). After Vettaikaran he had another failure which was sura and Vijay faced many problems after that from media, critics and audiences. Some people thought that Vijay’s cinema career was finished but he proved himself to be a successful hero again by doing a different love story like Kaavalan. Kaavalan was a film that faced many problems until the release date but within the last minute Vijay successfully managed to release the film all on his own even without much media support. Kaavalan turned out to be one of the most successful films in Vijay’s career and gave Vijay back his top spot in tamil cinema. The film brought back Vijay’s respect in tamil cinema and showed that even Vijay had decided to break the commercial formula and try different and more versatile roles. During the audio function of sura he had announced that his future films will definitely be different and strong scripts with good directors that will show him in more versatile roles. Vijay’s next two confirmed ventures are Velayutham and Nanban. Velayutham unlike Vijay’s previous ventures is a very strong story and it is directed by the successful director Jayam Raja. The Velayutham team is a very strong team that consists of some great talented people like genelia, subha, Aascar ravichandran and even Tom Delmar who worked on many Hollywood films as a stunt director. Subha had mentioned on his twitter that the film will be a very different Vijay film and it is not a routine script. He also said that the film gives a lot of scope for acting, good screenplay, great direction and excellent action sequences. Jayam Raja has also said that the lead heroine has a very important role in the film and it is slightly above the hero’s role. Jayam Raja claims that the story is an original script and will be a fantastic trend setting film in Tamil Cinema. Nanban is being directed by S.Shankar and it is none other than the remake of Bollywood Blockbuster 3 Idiots. Shankar has selected Harris Jayaraj as the music director and selected the main cast which consists of Jiiva, Vijay, Srikanth, Sathyaraj and Illeana. Shankar says that Nanban will be a remake of 3 idiots with some altered changes designed for tamil audiences. Ilayathalapathy is one among the few who proved himself to be successful in soft romantic genre and in commercial genre. Ilayathalapathy is also a good leader to his fans as there are lots to get inspired and admire in him. His silence is one of his biggest asset, “Silence can turn anything possible” is his attitude . ilayathalapathy helps out the poor and needy through his Vidhya charitable trust (in the memory of his sister).It also takes cares of the educational expenses of about 200 children. He definitely is a role model for his fans and one of the most inspiring person for others . Insisting the importance of eye donation , fans of Vijay across the world are planning to donate their eyes on the occasion of Vijay’s Birthday, as per the wish of their beloved ilayathalapathy. Wishing this heart stealer of millions of hearts A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY .

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